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Our main area of activity is Allegro, the biggest Polish e-commerce service that unites plenty of sellers.

We are glad to be a part of their official program Allegro Service Provider Network in which participates a narrow group of the best specialists operating in the e-commerce industry.

Audit of your Allegro offer

We will thoroughly examine your offers and point out the elements that need
improvement in order to make your sells more efficient.


Competitors’ analysis

E-commerce is a very appealing market for a great number of sellers which makes it
more more difficult to convince a client to choose your offer. We will assess your direct
competition and against its background we will show your strengths and weaknesses.


Based on the materials and questions we get from you, we will help you find
the best solutions for your business struggles.

Allegro managing

We will take complex care of your Allegro sales or will do specific tasks to relieve
your team:

1. Allegro

Preparation and configuration of a sales account.

2. Strategy

Coming up with
a new sales strategy
or an adjustment
of the current one.

3. Offers

Creating a complete offer on the basis
of the materials received.

4. Photoshoots

Making photographies that enhance the quality and prestige
of your offers.

5. Copywriting and translations

Preparation of high-quality texts and translations.

6. Allegro Ads

Additional promotion via Allegro tools.

7. Management

Full management
of the sales process.

8. Analysis

Use of data and reports to increase
the conversion rates.

9. Automation

Automation of the sales process using modern mechanics and AI.

10. Customer service

Multilingual customer service
with the highest standards.

11. Fulfillment

Handling of warehouse processes which include:

• Storage

• Picking up, packaging and shipping of the goods

• Returns handling

• Inventories and stock control

• Multichannel order processing

Online shops and marketplaces


We will make your sales model more efficient and introduce your business to other


We offer quick and professional translations from English to Polish and from
Chinese to Polish or English.


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